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The importance of preserving the unique genetic qualities of the old breeds of sheep led a group of concerned sheep breeders in Victoria to establish Heritage Sheep Australia in 2002.

Their aim is to protect, promote and secure the future of the breeds that played an important role in the foundation of the sheep and wool industry in Australia. Heritage Sheep Australia is affiliated with the Australian Stud Sheep Breeders Association Limited

The Heritage breeds include longwool breeds whose fleece delights handspinners and weavers, and shortwool breeds renown for fine textured meat with excellent flavour.

Longwool breeds


English Leicester



Shortwool breeds



Dorset Horn


Hampshire Down

Dorset Down

Most of the Heritage sheep breeds have enjoyed past popularity but today,with only a small number of studs in many of the breeds, they face extinction in Australia without ongoing support. Heritage Sheep Australia believes that the genetic heritage of these sheep is to be treasured.

Whether you are a prime lamb producer, a craft person, or a small land holder there will be a Heritage sheep breed to suit you.

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Heritage Sheep Feature
Sheepvention, Hamilton
1st - 2nd August, 2011

Heritage Sheep Australia is very
pleased to announce that Heritage
Sheep will be the feature at the 2011

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